Elevating Restaurant and Bar Experiences in 2024 with FLAT®

In the fast-paced foodservice and hospitality industries, every moment counts. From bustling lunch rushes to lively dinner services, maintaining a seamless and enjoyable experience for both customers and staff is crucial. However, the hassle of wobbly tables and the time-consuming task of aligning them can often disrupt the flow of service and diminish the dining experience.

Enter FLAT® Table Bases and FLAT® Equalizers – innovative technologies designed to revolutionise the way tables function in these establishments by streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Streamlining Operations with FLAT® Table Bases

AUTO-ADJUST PX23 Table Bases

FLAT Table Bases automatically stabilise and support perfect alignment of adjoining tables. Gone are the days of staff members struggling to balance wobbly tables or wasting precious time aligning them manually.

Imagine a scenario: during a bustling dinner rush, servers seamlessly pull together tables to accommodate larger groups without having to worry about uneven surfaces. FLAT Table Bases eliminate the need for constant readjustments using unsightly wedges, allowing staff to focus on delivering exceptional service and maintaining a great dining experience.

Enhancing Customer Experiences with FLAT® Equalizers

FLAT Equalizers offer a practical solution for existing tables by replacing their screw-in feet.

KX22 EQ Table Bases

With a simple press on the table, Equalizers instantly ensure stability, whether installed under a dining, counter, or bar height table. The swift adjustment not only saves time but also prevents any disruptions to customers enjoying their meals or drinks.

Patrons can relish their favourite dishes or sip their cocktails without distraction. FLAT Equalizers provide a steady foundation, eliminating the annoyance of wobbling tables that can detract from the overall dining or social experience.

Embracing FLAT for Seamless Dining

The integration of FLAT Table Bases and FLAT Equalizers in restaurants and bars represents a significant leap forward in optimising operations and customer satisfaction. By eradicating the challenges posed by unstable and misaligned tables, these technologies enable establishments to:

  • Boost Productivity: Staff can allocate their time and energy to serving customers rather than struggling with table adjustments.
  • Ensure Consistency: Maintaining a consistent and stable dining environment contributes to a positive customer experience.
  • Flexibility in Arrangement: Easily accommodate various group sizes by effortlessly aligning tables to create larger seating areas.
  • Improve Safety: Stable tables reduce the risk of accidents or spills caused by wobbling surfaces.
  • Reduce costs: - comp'd drinks and meals, remedial fixes, wasted time and lost customers are some of the costs generated by wobbly and misaligned tables - use our online calculator to see what wobbly and misaligned tables could be costing your business.
  • Generate New Sales: Unused areas such as patios, decks and sidewalks can now be utilised using FLAT, to serve customers and increase covers.


FLAT Table Bases and FLAT Equalizers represent a revolutionary advancement in optimizing restaurant and bar operations. By harnessing the power of these innovative technologies, establishments can significantly enhance productivity and reduce costs, while ensuring customers enjoy a seamless and undisturbed dining or socialising experience.

Incorporating FLAT technology into the dining landscape not only streamlines operations but also emphasises a commitment to customer satisfaction, setting the stage for memorable and enjoyable moments for patrons and staff alike.

FLAT Table Bases automatically stabilise on uneven surfaces and are available in over 100 different styles, colours and options. Click here to see FLAT Table Bases in Action.

Operators with existing table bases can make immediate improvements to their operations by replacing their tables’ existing screw-in feet with FLAT Equalizers. Click here to watch retrofittable FLAT Equalizers stabilize wobbly tables.

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