Our Technology

FLAT® Table Bases

FLAT's ingenious, worldwide patented and award-winning product, stabilizes automatically and allows users to align tables on any surface seamlessly!

"One of the things we have been most impressed with FLAT Tech is that these tables have unbelievable durability. Here we are three years later and these things are still holding up."

— David Dubois (CEO of Tasty Burger)

Hydraulic fluid pumps through a small series of pipes in the FLAT table base. The FLAT Technology PAD (Patented Actuator Device) responds instantly, adjusting the table feet to make it stable on any surface and locking into position.

This ensures the tables stay stable no matter where they are placed. The feet automatically adjust to each new surface then lock firmly into position, no matter how many times the tables are moved.

Using FLAT table bases you can also align multiple tabletops simply and swiftly.

FLAT technology has eliminated both wobbly tables and that troublesome lip - forever!

FLAT® Equalizers

Installing new table bases is not always practical for restaurant operators. This is where Equalizers come in. A screw-in replacement for existing table feet, Equalizers benefit from the extensive R&D and field testing that went into the development of FLAT Table Bases.

Like its big brother, Equalizers employ hydraulics to raise or lower one or more of the table feet to stabilize it against an uneven surface. A patented locking mechanism holds the table at the new level, automatically releasing it if the foot is moved from the high spot.

Equalizers also enable operators to align adjoining tabletops for a seamless surface.

Keep the tables you have and eliminate wobbly and misaligned tables with FLAT Equalizers!