FLAT® Equalizers - Stabilize Existing Wobbly Tables

FLAT Equalizers allow operators to stabilize their existing tables with just a press of the table top.

Equalizers adjust up to 1/4″ (6mm) and lock in place to stabilize the table, creating a great dining experience. You can also take advantage of FLAT’s unique table leveling and alignment capabilities by tilting or lifting the table top in the direction of the adjoining top, the feet adjust, helping to create a level and aligned surface. Learn more...

Check the thread size of your tables using the sizing guide.

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From the inventors of FLAT® table bases, stabilize, level, and align your existing tables with FLAT Equalizers.

In the restaurant business, we know how many things have to go right to create a memorable dining experience. You have enough to worry about without wobbly tables annoying customers and wasting the staff's time. On a larger scale, unstable tables hurt your business and can tarnish your establishment's brand image.

You don't need new tables. You just need FLAT Equalizers:

  • Stabilizes tables with a press of the table top
  • Internal locks improve stability
  • Enables leveling and alignment of table tops
  • Highly durable - exceeds international standards (BS EN 581-1:2006 & BS EN 581-3:2017) for safety, stability, durability and strength
  • Installs in seconds. No tools required.
  • Saves you time, money and frustration while improving your customers’ experience

FLAT Equalizers are reinforced plastic feet, each housing a stainless steel thread which, when compressed by pressing down on the table top, activates our hydraulic stabilization technology, taking the wobble out of the table.

What's more, when tables are pushed together for larger parties, FLAT Equalizers will ensure the tables are level and seamlessly aligned. Simply raise or tilt one of the uneven tables so that it matches the other table, and the feet will adjust, creating a seamless alignment.

FLAT Equalizers come in a variety of sizes (metric and standard/UNC) to fit almost any table with screw-in feet. They're designed to protect against impact and corrosion, are fully sealed to block out dirt, food particles and other grime.

For any other questions, find answers on Equalizer FAQ's.

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