What Could a Wobbly Table Say About Your Business?

Whether you're the owner of a twee coffee shop in a small

village or a quick service restaurant in a bustling city centre, your objective

should be the same – and that is to provide an exceptional customer service

which they will want to repeat time and time again. Carefully crafted menus, polished

facilities and courteous waiting staff are all part of a successful catering

business - but what about the tables?

Yes, these are the bane of every restaurant owner's existence. It's one thing finding a table that has a slight wobble, but to discover your restaurant is riddled with 50 (plus) wobbly tables – that's a nightmare. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution to your wobble woes. FLAT technology is dedicated in providing businesses with table bases which automatically stabilise, putting an end to customer complaints and making way for quality service.
It's easy enough to see if a table is wobbly, but what does a table that wobbles say about your business?

Common assumptions about restaurants with wobbly tables...

Inadequate funds for change

Change can be a daunting prospect for some people. If your business is implementing a new design, be clear what needs to change. Though a wobbly table may not be high on your list of priorities, you should consider the benefits of a properly aligned table. This is where your customers eat and where some may go for some alone time. This means that despite your *ahem* excellent customer service and polite waiting staff, you can still give the impression of an unsuccessful business. If your tables wobble it could suggest that your business is struggling with inadequate funds to make the repairs needed or even, that you don't care.

Disregard for customer satisfaction

The phrase "The customer is always right € was first introduced in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of London's Selfridges store, and is typically used by businesses when attempting to give customers the best possible service. For those businesses relying on customers to provide direction and profit, there's no better approach. Of course, in order for customers to be right they have to be heard. This is where wobbly tables can be a nightmare for owners striving for good reviews and positive feedback. There's very little a customer can do about a table that wobbles while eating. Some diners are simply left to rectify the situation by popping a folded napkin under a chair leg – others suffer in science praying a drink doesn't end up on their lap. However, a concerned owner should always be on hand to offer a solution - even if the customer doesn't raise the issue.

Given the increasing use of social media globally and the number of people you see using their smartphones whilst eating or drinking it's easy to imagine businesses getting negative reviews posted online.

Careless attitude to restaurant reviews

Complaints are often made anonymously through online blogs, surveys or social media. If you're not actively looking at these platforms for ways to improve your service, it can suggest a careless attitude to reviews. Make sure your restaurant has the tools in place to monitor the social networks and digital media surrounding your business. The reputation of your business can plummet and in house dining can be affected if these problems aren't rectified. Resolving problems, such as wobbly tables, can make you aware of things you might not notice at work.

To minimise customer complaints and maximise your businesses professional status, trust FLAT technology to find the perfect solution for those troublesome tables. Our bases ensure that your tables remain stable no matter where they're placed. The feet adjust to a new surface then lock firmly into position, no matter how many times the tables are moved.

Contact us and learn how FLAT® can help you create the best table experience for all your guests and visitors.