FLAT® 2nd Generation Height-Adjustable Table Bases: Even Greater Versatility and Stability

Introducing FLAT® 2nd Generation Height-Adjustable Table Bases – the perfect solution for those seeking versatile and stable table bases. With improved engineering and design, our new range provides even greater stability, and now comes in 10 different styles.

Our range of Height-Adjustable Table Bases continue to offer unparalleled flexibility and style, making them ideal for use in a variety of establishments, including foodservice, hospitality, gaming, and senior living industries. With the press of a lever, users can adjust the height of the table to any height between 24.17 inches and 37.32 inches, making it easy to adapt to changing environments. For busy owners and operators, this means a dining layout can be transformed into an open bar layout in just a few minutes, saving time and effort.

Adjust your tables' heights with FLAT Height-Adjustable Table Bases

Our Height-Adjustable Bases not only offer a convenient solution for adjusting table heights but can also assist business owners in meeting accessibility legislations and guidelines worldwide. In various countries, it is mandatory for businesses to provide a specific number of accessible tables for guests using wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Often, these tables are restricted to a designated area of the dining room, limiting seating options for all customers. Our Height-Adjustable table bases can cater to a wide range of guest requirements while automatically stabilizing on uneven surfaces, enabling operators to offer flexible seating options for all guests.

The Height-Adjustable range (excluding bolt-down models) boasts our signature PAD technology, automatically stabilizing and securely locking tables in place for a sturdy and stable dining surface. No more wobbly tables or unsightly adjustments with screw-in glides, coasters, or napkins.

In addition, table bases fitted with our PAD technology eliminate worries about misaligned surfaces and spills. Adjoining tables can be easily aligned with a simple tilt or lift of the tabletop, our PAD technology will lock-in at the new level, taking only seconds to perform. Say goodbye to interruptions and mishaps caused by uneven table surfaces and enjoy a seamless dining experience with FLAT!

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FLAT® Table Bases are an ideal solution for saving both time and money; allowing staff to focus on their primary task of providing exceptional service and a memorable dining experience for customers. To discover more about our innovative products, including the Height-Adjustable Table Bases, browse our online product catalog. Alternatively, reach out to us for more information or find your local FLAT dealer.

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