Tasty Burger gets even 'better' with FLAT table bases

Tasty Burger gets even 'better' with FLAT table bases

Take a look Tasty Burger's website and you'll see some truly mouth-watering burgers on offer.

Tasty Burger

The Boston based chain is certainly pushing ahead with the 'better burger' concept – and Tasty Burger's CEO David Dubois is taking it one step further, in creating a chain that delivers great food and a 'better' customer experience.

David commented that Tasty Burger's beef is all natural, Certified Humane and NEVER given any growth hormones or antibiotics. The steer are grass fed and finished on a 100% grass and grain diet, for a uniquely savoury steak flavour. We apply this same level of care to our home-made buns made in the old Sunbeam Bread factory, our scratch sauces, our proprietary hot dogs made locally and all of our fresh daily ingredients.

We do this with the goal of offering a complete menu with options and price points similar to the most familiar fast food places but prepared with a more individual attention to quality ingredients. We strive to operate with professionalism, a focus on details and quality at a fair price.

But it's not just about the food for Tasty Burger. The dining environment and customer experience is key to the chain's success and of course, FLAT table bases are contributing day in, day out.

I chose FLAT table bases after being frustrated and tired of wobbly tables in my restaurants said David. We began with a test run in two stores, and today we have more than 25 FLAT table bases in each of our five Tasty Burger locations. We initially tried to minimize the risk of wobbly tables by using fixed table bases, but then recognised that because of our fixed table structures guests could not rearrange the tables. We were limiting their experience, which was inconsistent with our desired brand.

FLAT's table bases solved two problems for us:

1) They stabilized the tables

2) They made it easy to push two tables together and align the tops. This goes a long way when we have to accommodate larger parties

A good restaurant table elevates the customer experience by being inconspicuous. FLAT table bases do this brilliantly. If a customer notices the table, it's rarely to compliment it.

Our table fixtures are now one less thing we have to worry about. Implementing and adjusting FLAT table bases requires minimal staff training and they improve our customer's experience. Our servers can focus on serving and delighting our customers, no longer having to bother with wedging items under table legs. We use them inside and outside, and they excel in either environment.

It is not often that an innovation comes along and completely eliminates a systemic problem. Every restaurant operator in the world should be using these. The solution is not expensive and does not bog down staff with training. In my opinion, every restaurant owner should be using FLAT products. You have to buy tables, why not buy the ones that don't wobble?

So there we have it – in such a highly competitive industry making great food is sometimes not enough. Like Tasty Burger, chains and independent restaurants need to focus on their customer's experience and create a comfortable dining environment for them to enjoy their meals. It's like David says - "You have to buy tables, why not buy the ones that don't wobble?"

For more information on Tasty Burger see www.TastyBurger.com and see more product testimonials and to find out more about our award winning self-stabilizing table bases see www.FlatTech.com/testimonials.

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