FLAT brings more design and flexibility with 2 new products

Responding to significant market demand, we're delighted to announce the availability of 2 brand new FLAT table bases.

Both designs were well received at the 2014 NRA Expo and HD Show during May and are now available via stockists.

The AUTO-ADJUST KT22 and PX23 models are the latest additions to our our range of self-stabilising table bases. The KT22 provides massive amounts of flexibility to foodservice operators whereas the PX23's parisian style design oozes european flair.

The KT22 2-pronged table base is a first for FLAT, the product comes with 2 bases that are built to support a maximum tabletop size of 36 inches wide by 84 inches long (36" x 84"). Suitable for nearly any type of tabletop, including rectangular and oval, these table bases provide maximum space underneath the table. In addition to accommodating larger tables, KT22 table bases provide restaurateurs with a table option in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Additional product details are available here.

Cafés, restaurants, hotels and bars will appreciate the European flair of our new AUTO-ADJUST PX23 decorative base. This sturdy cast iron base is a popular design in Europe and is available globally. Additional product details are available here.

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2 new products

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