Burger Lounge Gets the FLAT Treatment

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Adam Rinella (Director of Development at Burger Lounge) tells us what differentiates this growing brand from their peers and how FLAT table bases contribute to their success and future vision.

"As a fast growing restaurant brand, we represent a new take on an industry that has long suffered from poor quality, over-processed food products and inadequate guest service” Rinella says. "A great burger should not only taste great, it should utilize healthy ingredients sourced from sustainable environments. We implement these ideals and positive environmental practices as we open new locations in great neighbourhoods.

Our business model represents the bridge between bloated corporate "fast food” culture and the "less is more, quality is everything” approach. Simply put, we do a common thing, uncommonly well.

I have worked in the restaurant industry since I was a teenager, and wobbly tables have been an issue in every restaurant I have worked in. We relied on unappealing, makeshift solutions to stabilize our tables.

After being introduced to FLAT table bases, I was glad to see someone was taking this problem seriously.

FLAT Tables at Burger Lounge Temecula
FLAT's stainless steel AUTO-ADJUST BR22 (round) & DS225 (square), table bases installed at Burger Lounge's Temecula store.
I have seen first-hand the impact a wobbly table can have on a dining experience, so we embrace the opportunity to correct any problem that directly affects our guests. We currently use FLAT table bases on the outdoor patios in several Burger Lounge locations. It’s an understatement to say that I am impressed by FLAT’s answer to table stabilization, especially on an outdoor surface.
Burger Lounge - FLAT table bases Testimonial

The guest experience is paramount at Burger Lounge. We operate on the idea that it’s hard to be better than the competition, so even the smallest detail needs to be accounted for.

One of the ways we deliver a great experience is close attention to providing the right ambiance: fast casual, but with elements of fine dining – no harsh lighting, the right music for the time of day, overall attention to guest comfort. FLAT’s table bases support this core value and have become an essential part of how we model our locations.

I often recommend FLAT to my own network of restaurant owners and consultants, and whenever I show them our bases they are impressed and intrigued by how FLAT works.”

FLAT table bases are improving customer experiences and protecting brands at thousands of locations worldwide. If your establishment or chain is interested in getting the FLAT treatment then get in touch!

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