Wobbly Tables: On the Endangered Species List?

Wobbly Tables: On the Endangered Species List?

Over the last 50 years, much has changed about the restaurant experience.

Starting with a greater variety of foods, including many which not long ago would've been unknown or at the very least, exotic, even in larger cities. Search online for two minutes and you can find a wasabi burger on the menu of, for example, a restaurant in Davenport, Iowa. In 1980 Davenport, that item would have seemed bizarre, almost otherworldly.

At the same time menus offer fewer entrées – there are fewer restaurants trying to offer everything under the sun. More craft beers, more TVs.

There are also many more chain restaurants.

Spaces are bigger, brighter and less private with less distinction between the

kitchen and the dining room. Plenty of restaurants with an industrial look – open ceilings, concrete floors,

exposed brick.

Pancakes on the Rocks Using FLAT table bases in Australia

Also, the elimination of smoking in restaurants in many countries across the world! It was once perfectly normal to have smoke wafting across your table as you ate.

The list goes on. And of course more recently, technology has changed things plenty. Electronic reservations, pagers signalling your table's ready, texts updating your table status.

It won't be long before digital ordering and payments will be standard.

What's Next?

It has been predicted that quick-service restaurants will offer nicer seating and fixtures than the long-accepted plastic, institutional looks. Further, restaurants will be designed to reflect the tastes of their locales. Also, the pressure will grow to be as green as possible, such as through the reuse of old buildings.

Perhaps by 2020 restaurants will provide a larger number of outlets and even USB ports as an amenity. We'll see wireless charging outlets situated at tabletop height and, in casual dining, at the bar tops.

More restaurants will offer special seating areas away from the big screens and tablet computers for guests who want to concentrate on socializing. In fact, to be seated within or away from technology might become as standard a question as "smoking or non-smoking?" once was.

An Extinction (A Good One!)

Aside from some concern about technology removing human warmth from the dining experience (a valid, though complicated point), it's hard to deny that things keep getting more and more pleasant for restaurant patrons.

FLAT table bases ARE the future!

And the more guests' needs that are met, their tastes and sensibilities catered to, the less tolerant they'll be of glaring gaffes in the customer experience - such as wobbly tables.

Remember, this will soon be a world where microchips in napkin dispensers and condiment areas will alert staff when they need to be replenished. Most of the once-tolerated dining nuisances or frustrations are being addressed. Soon a wobbly table will stick out even further as a sign of incompetence and an uncaring establishment.

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