Wobbly table? You don't want that news splashed around.

Wobbly table?
You don't want that news splashed around.

Can one wobbly table damage your restaurant's brand image? It depends.

A diner annoyed by a teetering table will usually forgive your restaurant if they're happy with the food and service. They're more likely to think of it in terms of bad seating luck than of uncaring management. But it's also important to remember that when someone is annoyed, his or her food doesn't taste as good.

When Word Gets Out
Folks can damage brands on social media when they have a poor experience.

However, if a diner of yours is miffed enough to share his or her dissatisfaction through social media -- or perhaps just decides to share it for humour's sake -- that wobbly table of yours could easily lead to a wobbly brand image.
And so many social media posts are gripes of some kind -- a tweet is a quick and gratifying way to get something off your chest. Plus, a wobbly table is such an easy topic. Everyone relates -- and everyone is at least slightly annoyed by it. Some more than slightly.
Just search "wobbly table" on Twitter. Here are some of our faves:
See what your customers could be saying about your business!

Sometimes it's Personal

Tweets range from mildly sardonic to wanting to rip someone's bleeping head off. And some of them come out and mention the restaurant or chain's name. These are usually folks with a few hundred followers -- sometimes thousands. So their spilled beers or lattes are spilling a whole lot of negativity around town at your restaurant's expense.

Wobbly Bottom Line

In fact, a 2013 study revealed that 26.1% of brands surveyed had their reputations damaged as a result of negative social media posts, and 11.4% of brands actually lost revenue because of it.
It's difficult to measure the potential damage in revenue from one disgruntled customer who connects your restaurant or chain's name to an irritating or infuriating dining experience, makes your establishment seem shoddy -- perhaps even mocks it. And the more connected the person is, the more widely and firmly your brand's image is being tarnished.
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