What Does U.S Chain Zoës Kitchen Have to Say About FLAT Table Bases?

What Does U.S Chain Zoës Kitchen Have to say About FLAT Table Bases?

If we ask any of our customers, not one of them would ever say, "Sure, our FLAT tables don't wobble, but we kind of miss that wobbliness. It added character to our restaurant."

In fact, our customers find themselves talking less and less about their tables – and that's a good thing. What we do hear our customers saying is how FLAT table bases improved much more in their restaurants than just wobbly tables.

Zoës Kitchen

Zoës Kitchen is a fast casual restaurant chain headquartered in Plano, Texas, that has grown to include 165 locations across 17 states with plans to expand further. Their menu features Mediterranean-inspired comfort food with made-from-scratch recipes using fresh ingredients. They chose FLAT to complete their customer experience and Archie Andrews, VP of Design and Construction, took some time to tell us how Zoës has changed since installing FLAT table bases:

"I'm always looking to enhance the customer experience, and view things through my own dining experiences with my family, and a wobbly table can definitely be an aggravating experience. On top of the frustration of trying to eat on one, a wobbly table gives the impression that the restaurant personnel don't care. Let's be honest, sweetener packets under the table feet is just poor execution!

So, without a doubt, I chose FLAT table bases for two reasons: for the technology that ensures tables are always stable; and also performance. We use 2-tops that often get pushed together, so the ability to level out two tables really enhances the customer experience.

FLAT table bases, now at Zoës Kitchen

Many of our customers come to us after trying various leveling solutions that just ended up being a let down and an added frustration. Andrews had been there, too:

"There's no comparison between FLAT and our old bases, which used a top leveler that would turn the foot in and out. Over time, the gunk from mop water would prohibit the leveling mechanism, and we

would have to replace the turn-knob and foot. With the FLAT system, the table base adjusts automatically – it's wonderful.

Lastly, our table bases aren't just to make the customer experience better, they also help with improving staff's interaction with their workspace. Floor staff can now spend more time attending to guests' needs rather than worrying about the stability of the tables – another benefit Andrews noticed, too.

"At the store level, my staff absolutely loves the product, because it's fast and adjustments can be made without disturbing customers.

We could certainly go on and on about how great we know our products are, but we don't have to – you can read more testimonials from happy FLAT customers from all over the world. Don't need any more convincing? Contact us today!

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