The Mystery of the Forgotten Table

woman at table
With restaurant and bars competing strongly for sales in all segments of the hospitality and food service industries globally, it's hardly surprising that owners are increasingly investing time and money in the design and look of their establishments these days.

But, there's one thing left off their to-do list. You guessed it, the tables. Let's forget for a moment about the trendy floor types, novelty lighting and atmospheric interiors. The table is what almost every customer makes physical contact with during their visit and for a reasonable period of time. So why do many designers and proprietors often give their tables less thought that the rest of the establishment?

Restaurants have always played an essential role in business, social and artistic life of society. The major events in life, personal and professional, are celebrated in restaurants. Acquaintances become friends around a table in a safe and controlled environment. Individuals become lovers across the restaurant tables, sometimes. Tables are more important than ever. This means that, no matter of *ahem* luxury interiors can detract from the horror of a table that wobbles or the table top doesn't adjoin perfectly with the connecting table. Customers should be free to sit back and enjoy their meals – wobble and accident free.

When considering an interior project for your restaurant, remember to look at it from a seated instead of standing level. Try the perspective from different tables, after all this is where your customers will spend most of their time and consciously or unconsciously critique your establishment. Are you sitting comfortably? Do you feel enclosed? Exposed? View the space with practicality in mind. You can always jazz up the design later. Functionality is more important than you think. A lifetime of struggling to balance a table that wobbles, while your customers are left feeling unsatisfied/hungry, is certainly not going to land you a Michelin star rating.

The FLAT Solution

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Something as "simple € as replacing your table base with a FLAT® table base will not only provide you with the perfect solution to wobbly tables, but allow you to align multiple table tops perfectly and give your restaurant a new look. Here at FLAT we provide a solution for everyone - Bon appetite!

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