No Wobbly Tables in the World's Largest Building!

KIAN (China) has successfully installed 450 FLAT® table bases at the New Century Global Centre (NCGC) located in Chengdu,China.

At 100 meters high, 500 meters long and 400 meters wide, the 1.7m SqM multifunctional facility is the largest building in the world. By comparison the Pentagon in Washington is only one third the size of NCGC which is also big enough to hold 20 Sydney Opera Houses.

FLAT Kirribilli Tables in China

Opening this month, the NCGC will have around 400,000sqft of space devoted to shopping, hotels and leisure activities.

This extraordinary building benefits from a durable hard floor with paving effect. Because the surface is uneven, FLAT® table bases were chosen as the ideal solution for ensuring that there are no wobbly tables distracting people from the impressive surroundings.

KIAN was chosen as a preferred partner to NCGC due to their established reputation in the industry as pioneers of bringing new technologies and innovations to market and a one-stop total solutions provider. KIAN not only delivered the FLAT®tables in full and on time but also assembled the products for the customer and provide after sales support.

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