NEW! Height-Adjustable Table Bases Offer Versatility and Stability

FLAT® Tech has been developing new technologies to better serve the restaurant, hospitality, and foodservice industries for years. Their mission has always been to bring innovative solutions to common problems that concern foodservice owners and operators and frustrate customers. Their latest product offering continues this commitment by providing a new set of features that make tables even more versatile and welcoming for restaurant, bar, resort, and casino guests

Tables That Work Smarter, Not Harder

Our new Height-Adjustable Table Bases allow your staff to quickly and smoothly change the height of a table. The pneumatic posts adjust with a press of a lever, from 24.17 inches all the way up to 37.32 inches (excluding the height of the base/feet and table top) and any height in between. The system has been designed to easily be paired with a wide range of our FLAT® self-stabilizing table bases to provide the best, most versatile, table solution in the foodservice industry. Foodservice owners and operators in busy locations that require a change of the front-of-house environment can now for example - accommodate a dining layout during the day and an open bar layout during the night. FLAT® Height-Adjustable table bases make the conversion more efficient for servers and bar staff. In a matter of minutes, a dining room can be transformed without having to carry and store two different types of tables on premises.

FLAT® Height-Adjustable Bases can also support operators in their efforts to comply with accessibility legislations and guidelines around the world. In many countries, businesses are required to provide a certain number of tables that are accessible for guests in wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Many times, owners and operators have to place these special tables in a specific area of the dining room, limiting seating options for everyone. Our Height-Adjustable table bases can accommodate a range of guests’ needs and of course, they automatically stabilize on uneven surfaces - providing flexible seating options for operators and their guests.

Our pneumatic table post fits a range of FLAT® Table Bases and raises and lowers smoothly and easily using the lever assembly that is installed under the tabletop. The lever includes a spring-operated locking pin that ensures the lever isn’t activated unintentionally.

Paired with Our Award-Winning Base Technology

The new height-adjustable posts have been designed for use in tandem with a wide variety of FLAT® Table Base products, offering a complete solution for your business. The Height-Adjustable range also incorporate our PAD technology underneath the base. The PAD automatically stabilizes the table and then locks into place—creating a solid and stable table guests. Wobbles will no longer ruin a dining experience. Gone are the days that require your staff to constantly adjust traditional screw-in glides or stuff unsightly coasters, napkins, and other materials to stabilize a table.

FLAT® Table Bases also give you the ability to quickly and easily align multiple tables for larger parties. This takes away any concern over misaligned table surfaces that can cause spilled drinks or wobbling plates along the joins. With a simple tilt, or lift, of the tabletop you can align adjoining tables. Our technology will lock-in at that new level - it literally takes a second to perform.

Do you constantly deal with your staff changing out tables for different day parts to accommodate a different clientele? The new FLAT® Height Adjustable Table Bases are a perfect solution to save you time and money. Quickly convert a few, or all, of your tables for functions or situations in a matter of minutes. Allow your staff to get back to the job at hand, delighting your customers and providing a positive memorable dining experience.

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