How to get customers to stay longer at your QSR chain.

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How to Get Customers to Stay Longer at Your QSR chain. Like, maybe 10 years longer...

Build customer loyalty through pleasant dining experiences.

If you're like a lot of chains these days, you're moving away from getting customers in and out quickly, and focusing more on customer experience and consistency of service. (Sort of the polar opposite of the airline industry.)

You're creating an environment where people can relax more, write their emails, spend a little more time -- and maybe more money, and then tie that pleasant experience to your brand.

This trend is sure good for us at FLAT, because wobbly tables are super un-relaxing. Every person on earth is annoyed by them. Who knows how many desserts or coffees aren't ordered each day because patrons just want to pay and get away from their unstable table?

Food's Great, Experience Isn't

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Some people are quite aware of their annoyance, whereas for some, it's not quite as conscious of a thing. But the annoyance is there all the same. Consciously or not, customers are associating your restaurant and your brand with an annoying feeling, with a lack of concern for them, with incompetence.

To make matters worse, when people are annoyed, meals don't taste as good -- your otherwise fine food will leave a bad taste in the mouths of wobbly table customers.

In the meantime, smaller and emerging chains are creating strong competition for QSRs and FSRs, because they adapt quickly and can satisfy local or niche markets and tastes.

No wonder the chains are looking for any little edge they can get -- free Wi-Fi, POS systems to prevent waiting in line, meal deals and the like.

Repair the Entire Dining Event

FLAT table FLAT table bases offer that edge. They provide chains with a seamless customer experience and comfort, brand protection, increased seating flexibility and the upmarket feel of a free-standing table base (vs. core-drilled/fixed tables), to name just a few.

Better yet, FLAT table bases deliver a return on investment in as little as two months by

· saving you on staff time spent balancing tables

· less compensatory product for spilled drinks

· and most significantly, a reduction in lost business related to customers' bad experiences.

And just think, what all you will save on wadded up napkins wedged under wobbly tables.

To learn more about how FLAT table bases can benefit your chain please contact us.

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