How FLAT Equalizers Enhanced an Ohio Tom+Chee Location

Tom+Chee is a fun, fast-casual restaurant with a menu full of unique spins on two of the most beloved American foods – tomato soup and the grilled cheese sandwich. Founders Trew Quackenbush and Corey Ward quickly grew a Tom+Chee following in Cincinnati, but their business really took off after winning the panel of judges on Shark Tank over with their signature Grilled Cheese Donut.

Vicki Nussbaum believed Tom+Chee would be a great success in her hometown of Green, Ohio, so she made the decision to open a franchise.

“My partner and I started the Tom+Chee journey back in early 2014, and we opened our first restaurant in May of 2015,” says Vicki.

This Tom+Chee location has blossomed into a popular lunch spot, serving between 150 and 300 customers a day. But Vicki’s restaurant had a bit of a rocky start.

“Each day, the wobbly tables were a nuisance for not only the customers, but also the staff. People would stick everything under the sun under the tables to balance them out,” she recalls.

Wobbly tables might not seem like a major issue – after all, nearly every dining establishment has at least one unruly table. But according to a survey by YouGov, 86% of Americans are irritated and distracted from their meals or conversations when dining at a wobbly table. Vicki and her restaurant manager, Terri Mason, began looking for a solution to this frustrating issue in order to keep their customers happy and their business thriving.

As with most new restaurants, they were working on a tight budget, so it would do them no good if they went broke trying to fix their wobbly tables. They also wanted something that could be installed easily and wouldn’t require routine maintenance. Finally, they wanted to find a solution that wouldn’t disrupt the restaurant’s design and décor. Featuring red and yellow primary colors, Tom+Chee establishments have a fun and memorable look to them. As you sit down to eat, the dining experience may bring back fond memories of your childhood school cafeteria – only with much better food.

With FLAT Equalizers, Vicki and Terri found an innovative yet simple table-leveling product that checked all the boxes. Even better, Equalizers work on virtually any table with removable feet, so Vicki and Terri avoided replacing any of their tables.

Terri was quite impressed that the installation required neither tools or a trained technician.

“We actually had one of our 16-year-old female employees come out to install the feet – flipping the tables over, stabilizing them, and they were done,” says Terri.

Tom+Chee is not the only restaurant relying on the cost-effective solution that FLAT Equalizers offer. From fast casual to fine dining, restaurants in every market are reinforcing their existing tables with these simple add-on table feet. They screw on by hand, and all it takes is a press on the tabletop to achieve a level surface. Tables can even be moved around and perfectly aligned for a seamless dining experience for larger parties.

If Terri could sum up FLAT Equalizers in one word, she would say, “awesome.’” Vicki proclaims that they are a “priceless” investment.

If you’re tired of seeing customers give bad reviews because of wobbly tables, and your staff are exhausted from stuffing napkins and coasters underneath table feet, there is a much better long-term fix.

FLAT Equalizers go with your tables like tomato soup pairs with grilled cheese. Whether you own a popular local dining spot or you oversee a franchise like Vicki and Terri, be sure to check out the FLAT Equalizers page here and explore all the benefits of this innovative, simple and affordable product can beautifully balance your wobbly tables.

Contact us and learn how FLAT® can help you create the best table experience for all your guests and visitors.