FLAT® Tech to Bring Stability to National Chains at RFMA 2019

(AUSTIN, TX)—FLAT® Tech, the global leader in table stabilizing solutions, is set to demonstrate their groundbreaking line of products to facility managers from all over the country at the Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) Show in Austin, TX. FLAT’s products are proven solutions to a major problem that impacts restaurants, foodservice, and hospitality businesses of every size—wobbly and misaligned tables.

“There really is nothing like the technology FLAT has engineered for this problem,”
- Peter Tichband, VP of Key and National Accounts for the Americas at FLAT

“Our goal is to help national chains see that there is a real solution for their wobbly tables. Many chains still default to the old solution of just stuffing things under the table as a temporary fix but such solutions are unsightly and can damage a brand’s image. When we demonstrate how FLAT products work, you can see operators and executives alike getting excited about a real solution to the problem,” continued Peter.

What sets the FLAT table bases apart is the patented hydraulic technology located under the table base. The feet are connected by hoses that contain a hydraulic fluid. When a foot compresses due to an uneven surface, the fluid is distributed to the remaining feet which automatically adjust and lock in place. The system adjusts automatically, whenever the table is moved. Another feature that is unique to FLAT table bases is the ability to quickly and easily align multiple tabletops. One issue with pushing tables together for larger parties is the inevitable variation in height of the adjoining tabletops (caused by the uneven surface on which the table stands). These variations create a ridge where the tabletops meet and results in spillages or plate rocking. By lifting or tilting adjoining tabletops (fixed to a FLAT table base) to the same heights, tabletops can be quickly aligned in seconds.

With a range of over 50 table base designs (including ADA compliant models)—chains can improve their operational performance and improve their customers’ experience immediately with FLAT.

In 2018, FLAT Tech expanded their support for foodservice chains by developing the FLAT Equalizers. This product line offers a similar solution to owners and operators that need to fix their existing (wobbly) tables. Equalizers replace a table’s existing screw-in feet and encapsulate FLAT’s hydraulic technology. Once installed, Equalizers can stabilize a table following a gentle press on the tabletop; the feet adjust to the surface and lock in place. Like FLAT table bases, FLAT Equalizers also assist in helping to align adjoining tables. FLAT Equalizers are such an innovative design, they earned Kitchen Innovations® 2018 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®.

The RFMA Show is an important opportunity for facility managers at national chains to see for themselves the innovative designs of FLAT Tech products. “This show is a huge opportunity to demonstrate our products to chains in desperate need of a solution like this,” states Peter Tichband. “We are excited to be able to meet with national chain managers and show them just how easy it is to solve a problem that plagues so many locations. Following the launch of FLAT Equalizers in 2017, we can now provide solutions for both new and existing tables. There’s no excuse for having wobbly tables anymore!” Peter goes on to say, “Creating a positive dining experience for customers in a highly competitive market is the goal of every brand. Nothing can derail that goal more quickly than having customers seated at a wobbly table. Health and safety risks, reduced productivity and bad customer experiences can all result from these wobbly foes.”

The RFMA Show takes place Sunday February 10th through Tuesday February 12th in the Austin Convention Center. FLAT last exhibited at RFMA in 2016. Since then, a number of the country’s largest chains have adopted FLAT’s self-stabilizing table bases, and/or FLAT Equalizers (for their existing tables), as their solutions of choice. The FLAT team will be available at booth 654 for demonstrations and to help attendees find the right product for their facilities. FLAT will also be encouraging attendees to take back product samples for testing or arrange with them to have a free trial at one of their locations. Both Peter Tichband and Nils Hughes, VP of Sales to the Americas, will be available at the FLAT Tech booth and at the Express Exchange presentations to answer questions and demonstrate FLAT products. With nationwide support, U.S.-based warehousing and support staff, and multi-award-winning products—FLAT Tech is looking forward to partnering with more RFMA attendees in 2019.

For more information about FLAT Tech and their products, visit www.flattech.com.


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