FLAT® Tech Excited About Results from 2018 NRA Show

The 2018 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel (NRA) Show®, held in Chicago, Illinois, was another great success for FLAT® Tech this year. Having earned the Kitchen Innovations award for their new FLAT Equalizers, the company had a lot to share and a lot to be proud of at the show.

The NRA Show is a prominent food service equipment, products, and services show that allows restaurant owners and chains to see what’s new in the industry and interact with the biggest brands in the market. It’s a perfect opportunity for companies like FLAT Tech to present their innovative products to their direct customers and hear from attendees about current challenges and opportunities.

Mike Drake, FLAT Tech CEO, stated, “This year’s show was very important for FLAT Tech. With new base designs, new growth, and the all-new FLAT Equalizers, we had a lot of critical information to share with attendees.” Mike went on to say, “We were pleased with the level of interest we received at the show. We had nearly 1,000 attendees request more information via our main booth, and over 100 large customers and chains came to our special booth in the Kitchen Innovation (KI) pavilion. The KI pavilion allowed us to showcase our award-winning FLAT Equalizers and visitors were able to see how easily Equalizers solve the issue of wobbly tables. It was an exceptional show for our team.”

The all-new FLAT Equalizers solve wobbly tables as a retrofit to existing tables.

We asked Andy O’Donnell, Marketing Director for FLAT Tech, what the major insights he and the team took from this year’s show. He explained, “Generally, the attendees we met with all agreed that table stability was an issue they were always having to deal with. Many told us their frustrating stories of wobbly tables impacting their business, and the temporary “fixes” they’d used to resolve table issues. They were very excited to see that we had developed a solution to fixing existing tables with our new FLAT Equalizers. Additionally, it was very encouraging that many of our visitors discussed plans to replace existing table bases with our fully automatic FLAT table bases when they did their next remodel or refurbishment.” Andy also mentioned, “It was great to hear how many of our existing customers came by the booth shouting how awesome our products are, and made new orders on the spot. It is very gratifying to be able to hear the stories of how our products have impacted the success of restaurants, while taking away another distraction or stress from the owners, managers, and staff.”

The FLAT Tech team is now hard at work following up with all those that came by the booth requesting more information. Their sales directors will be contacting all the attendees over the next few weeks to insure they get everything they need to solve their wobbly table issues.

The FLAT Team has already made plans for the 2019 NRA Show, and is looking forward to bringing even more innovation and product development to the food service industry.

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