FLAT Table Bases Complement Creative Design


and architects know exactly how infuriating uneven surfaces can be. They can

scupper even the most creative interior and exterior designs and have far

reaching consequences for their customers.

Kristin Wynne - Designer at 555 International understands the problem well and is leaving nothing to chance.

555 International is an award-winning global design, development and fabrication firm. More than just design,555 fabricate the items essential to the business needs of their clients,and manage the process all under one very large roof.


to Kristin FLAT table bases have become one of the company’s favourite products

to specify.

Designer and Architects Use FLAT

"We have been highly impressed with the elimination of wobbling and unevenness between tables.

Our clients love the flexibility that the table bases bring to their dining rooms with the ability to make tabletops flush with one another.

The FLAT team has made it as easy as can be for us to spec their self-levelling bases and have proven they will stand behind their product.

When we specify FLAT table bases we know our clients are going to be satisfied with both the quality and the value of the product. Ultimately we know FLAT table bases make for better dining experiences.

We have used FLAT bases in restaurant and café locations and we look forward to rolling them out in future outdoor seating locations soon. We do not foresee a scenario where we would not consider using FLAT products because of their quality, competitive pricing compared to traditional table bases, and the direct effect on client satisfaction.”

Here at FLAT, we understand how the functional aspects of design are often as important as the concept. With over 40 styles of self-stabilising table bases we’re sure to have a table to suit most designs and requirements. For more information get in touch and we’ll work with you to make your vision, flawless!

Contact us and learn how FLAT® can help you create the best table experience for all your guests and visitors.