FLAT Helps the Renowned Ginocchio Preserve History and Customer Experience

FLAT Helps the Renowned Ginocchio Preserve History and Customer Experience

What do you get when you take a historic hotel with preserved woodwork and original flooring and turn it into a new restaurant? Surely, the recipe would result in charming atmosphere and memorable experiences. But this mix of antique characteristics is also the perfect cocktail for wobbly tables. So, the charm of the historic atmosphere so carefully preserved and meticulously restored can be instantly ruined for customers with spilled drinks and sliding elbows. This was the challenge that Alan Loudermilk, owner of The Ginocchio, faced when he took on the task of renovating the famous Marshall, Texas site.

The Ginocchio restaurant and bar is situated in the historic Ginocchio Hotel in Marshall, Texas. The restaurant recently opened after undergoing more than two years of renovations. In a truly historic setting across the tracks from the Marshall Depot, The Ginocchio provides fine dining and beverages to patrons from near and far.

The Ginocchio Hotel was designed and built by renowned architect C.G. Lancaster in 1896 for Charles A. Ginocchio. The centerpiece of the Ginocchio is its truly unique and amazingly beautiful curly pine staircase. The old hotel lobby also includes the stunning and rare “Edison arches,” some of the earliest electrified structures in Texas. The Ginocchio restaurant and bar celebrates this rich history with photographs and artifacts from the time.

The preserved original tile and wood flooring further highlight the history of the Ginocchio. Though this adds to the charming antiquity of the site, it also creates very uneven and irregular floor surfaces. To prevent this from being a constant annoyance for the customers, and a daily frustration for the business and staff, Alan Loudermilk researched table leveling products and technology before selecting our FLAT Table Bases as his tables of choice throughout the restaurant and bar. When asked about the results of this purchase, Loudermilk stated “the Ginocchio could not be a more perfect testimonial for FLAT products - we don't have a single level floor anywhere! The Ginocchio is extremely pleased with FLAT’s table bases.”

For over a decade, we have been hard at work developing stabilizing products that eliminate the annoying and costly problem of wobbly tables, helping restaurants overcome the challenges of difficult and uneven floors – making it possible to stay true to their design visions. Our FLAT Table Bases utilize patented hydraulic technology to automatically adjust each foot to the new surface level. The table automatically locks into position, no matter how many times the tables are moved.

When it’s not practical or required for restaurants to replace their table bases with new ones, we've also created a solution for existing tables. The newest addition to FLAT’s product family, FLAT Equalizers replace a table’s existing screw-in feet. Like the table bases, Equalizers use patented hydraulic technology, expanding or compressing to stabilize the table against an uneven surface. A locking mechanism holds the table at the new level, automatically releasing it if the foot is moved from the high spot.

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