FLAT Equalizers Win Kitchen Innovations® (KI) Award 2018

FLAT® Equalizers Already Earning Highest Industry Accolades

(CHICAGO, USA)—Within less than a year of launching FLAT® Equalizers to the market, FLAT Tech has already earned one of the most prestigious awards conferred by the foodservice industry. It was recently announced that FLAT Equalizers will be the recipient of the Kitchen Innovations® 2018 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®.

The KI 2018 Award is presented each year to those rare manufacturers that have developed and engineered a new product that has the potential to make a meaningful impact on a restaurateur’s success. The award winners undergo an intensive vetting process over a 6-month period conducted by a panel of nine judges that represent some of the industry’s most well respected brands and organizations.

Beyond the privilege of getting to present the KI 2018 Award seal on their advertising for the year, FLAT Tech will also have the honor of hosting a booth within the Kitchen Innovations pavilion at this year’s National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show, to be held in Chicago, Illinois, May 19-22, 2018. This space will be in addition to FLAT Tech’s full product booth at the NRA Show, #4184.

“We’re delighted to have been presented with one of the most prestigious awards in the foodservice industry,” says Mike Drake, FLAT Tech’s Managing Director. “Having Equalizers recognized at this level is a tremendous achievement. Our other main product line, the self-stabilizing FLAT table bases, has also won multiple awards in the industry for design and innovation. Both products reinforce FLAT’s position as a leading innovator and authority on creating the best dining experience for your guests.”

FLAT Equalizers

FLAT Equalizers were released in May 2017, and have already enjoyed a positive response from, and success with, facility owners and operators. Demand has risen consistently and, with the announcement of the KI 2018 Award, the FLAT team looks forward to having another successful product in the market.

FLAT Equalizers allow foodservice owners and operators to fix instability in their existing tables. While there are other products designed to stop tables from wobbling, these products usually rely on springs or some form of wedge to fix the problem. Equalizers use a self-contained hydraulic design that allows the table to be quickly adjusted with a simple press of the tabletop, then the feet “lock” into position to create a rock-solid table base. FLAT Equalizers can also be adjusted by lifting or tilting the tabletop, to facilitate the alignment of adjoining tables—a unique feature to FLAT products.

Stabilizing and aligning tables is a thankless task, which can be time-consuming and costly for operators. For their customers, wobbly tables can be at best an irritation and at worst a reason not to return. In fact, a YouGov survey found that 56% of U.S citizens would reconsider returning to an establishment where a wobbly table ruined their experience. Using FLAT Equalizers, the issue is resolved in seconds.

If you are attending the 2018 NRA Show, you owe it to yourself—and to your customers—to take a look at the new FLAT Equalizers in the Kitchen Innovation pavilion, or visit the company booth (4184) to see all the innovative products available from FLAT Tech. A member of the FLAT Tech team will be happy to give you a live demonstration of Equalizers and their self-stabilizing table bases to show the FLAT difference. You can also learn more by visiting FlatTech.com.

About FLAT Tech Inc.,

Established in 2002 in Sydney, Australia, FLAT has invented, patented, and commercialized a range of award-winning, self-stabilizing table bases. Our table bases are available in over 40 countries and are being used by some of the world’s largest restaurant chains.

In 2017, FLAT Equalizers were launched. FLAT Equalizers then earned Kitchen Innovations® 2018 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®. Equalizers replace a table’s existing screw-in feet and stabilize a table with just a gentle press on the tabletop.

FLAT has offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Holland, Australia, and China. To learn more, visit FlatTech.com.

Contact us and learn how FLAT® can help you create the best table experience for all your guests and visitors.