Why Everyone Hates Wobbly and Misaligned Tables...

Everything is set up just right, the ambiance is perfect and ready for your first customers to walk into your restaurants. And although inevitably challenges will arise, you feel at ease that everything within your control has been taken care of. Now that your customers are seated, they will surely take in and appreciate the intricate details that you and your staff have tediously seen to. Except...they can’t notice any of that because their evening has been constantly interrupted by the annoyance of a wobbly table.

The reality is that this happens far too often. Uneven flooring, bent table bases, worn-off feet – there are many causes for why tables become unsteady or misaligned. Now customers are stuffing napkins under the table in an attempt to reclaim their evening, which not only fails to fix the problem, it threatens the brand that you’ve worked so hard to preserve. While larger parties are seated at misaligned tables where several people are uncomfortably crammed to one side in order to avoid the dreaded ridge of adjoining tables. These are both frustrating problems that cost your business and reputation on a daily basis.

Take a look at the issue from the perspective of everyone involved in your restaurant business and find out all the reasons why people hate wobbly and misaligned tables, sure to be eye opening to the havoc that they are reaping on your establishment.

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We at FLAT understand that wobbly and misaligned tables affect everyone involved - from your staff, to your customers, to your brand. So, we have been hard at work for over a decade developing products to make this annoying and costly problem history.

FLAT Table Bases utilize patented hydraulic technology to automatically adjust each foot to the new surface level. The table automatically locks into position, no matter how many times it's moved.

When it’s not practical or required for restaurants to replace their table bases with new ones, FLAT has also created a solution for existing tables. The newest addition to FLAT’s product family, FLAT Equalizers replace a table’s existing screw-in feet. Like the table bases, Equalizers use patented hydraulic technology, expanding or compressing to stabilize the table against an uneven surface. A locking mechanism holds the table at the new level, automatically releasing it if the foot is moved from the high spot.

Find out more about FLAT stabilizing technology at www.FLATTech.com and learn about FLAT Table Bases and FLAT Equalizers.

Contact us and learn how FLAT® can help you create the best table experience for all your guests and visitors.