In the modern era of technology enhancing the features of everyday conveniences, even the most basic things have multiple purposes allowing us to make our lives more efficient, proactive, and above it all, always connected with others. Today, suitcases charge phones, watches send emails, and our phones…well, let’s not even go there. So, why should one of the most basic daily necessities – tables – remain unaffected by technological advances that make our lives more efficient? Well in fact, they are now seeing a wide array of new advancements as well. We’ve gathered a list of several innovative tables that are so creative, it will make you question how you had ever lived without them.

Sobro Coffee Table

The Sobro Coffee Table brings innovation and efficiency right to the living room. It allows users to connect devices and listen to music through the built-in blue tooth speaker, charge phones, tablets or laptops, keep drinks handy and chilled in the included refrigerator drawer, while providing storage space for devices and charging cords. Additionally, the table includes power outlets on the side and helps set the mood with ambient LED color-changing lighting. All this combined with a very sleek design, the Sobro Table brings style to the living room while actually helping make the time spent on the couch more efficient.

+SoSe Solar Table

Soak up the sun and stay connected without draining batteries. The +SoSe Solar Panel Table is small but powerful. It includes a solar panel and USB ports to charge electronic devices where the electric grid can’t reach. Perfect for the beach or poolside, the tabletop surface allows users to stay proactive, and the built-in electronically locking drawer keeps valuables safe while going for a dip. Once done, fold it up and store away until the next sun-filled trip.

Wingsys Interactive Table

Stay connected with the outside world while bringing the family together in the living room with the Wyngsys TA011 interactive table. This table includes a 43” tabletop touch screen that allows access to thousands of applications, as well as the Windows store and Windows 10 Microsoft Operating System. Multiple users can simultaneously play games, check emails, view photos, or even watch movies. Combined with an elegant wood stain and tempered glass design, this table is the perfect marriage of contemporary furniture design and smart technology.

FLAT Auto-Adjust Table Bases

FLAT table bases bring an end to the ever-present annoying problem that most restaurants have – wobbly and rocking tables. Usually the go-to solution for restaurants is to stick napkins and coasters under table feet to stop it from wobbling, something we’ve all seen and experienced its ineffectiveness. Well with FLAT table bases we no longer have to look at those dirty napkins on the floor. These bases utilize hydraulic technology to automatically sense and adjust to any surface level changes, steadying and preventing the table from ever wobbling. Additionally, they align multiple adjoining tables for larger groups and parties creating a seamless ridge-free surface. Spoiler alert: knowing that these exist will make sitting at the next wobbly table exponentially more infuriating.

Fletcher Capstan Table

This table makes the process of expanding a dining table so beautiful, it will cause you to want to invite more guests to the next dinner party. Created by the luxury furniture maker DBFletcher, the Capstan table automatically expands from a six-person round dining table to double its seating capacity. There are no leaves to store in the closet, the extra space is created by layered panels that are stored within the table when not in use. While this is already worthy of praise, the true attention-getter is the incredible circular design and the 120-degree motion that expands and compresses this table as if by magic.

Refold Desk

The Refold cardboard desk brings a new meaning to working remotely while promoting a healthier lifestyle with less sitting. Created and manufactured in New Zealand, the Refold desk is made from 100% recyclable cardboard that is lightweight and compact, it can be carried and used anywhere. To set up, it easily unfolds into a full-sized standing desk that is so sturdy, it can support the weight of a person. Additionally, Refold offers an optional waterproof top and multiple size legs to accommodate various heights for a truly custom and portable work experience.

With all these new advancements, it’s easy to see tables in a new light. You can simply enhance a room, make your daily routine more convenient and efficient, or even solve an age-old frustration. Whatever your lifestyle requires, just pull up a chair (or stand) and enjoy!

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