FLAT Launch New Product Lines Increasing Flexibility for Operators

At FLAT, we’re thrilled to have introduced a range of new table bases and technologies providing customers with enhanced operational and financial flexibility.

In addition to new products, our new catalogue provides you with all the information you’ll need in selecting the perfect table bases for your business.

Click to see our Height-Adjustable tables in action

FLAT® Height Adjustable Table Bases

  • 8 self-stabilizing tables that raise or lower with the press of a lever
  • The pneumatic technology located in the post adjusts to the required height
  • Our height-adjustable posts are compatible with a select range of FLAT Table Bases
  • Save money by having just 1 set of tables that can adjust for every event
  • Change your setup in seconds for diners, party-goers or for wheelchair access
  • Watch our video for a full demonstration

Click to see our range of EQ Table Bases

FLAT® EQ Table Bases

  • 5 classic cast iron table bases fitted with FLAT® Equalizers
  • A cost-effective option for operators that demand a stable dining experience
  • Stabilize the table with a gentle press on the table top
  • Equalizers assist users in aligning adjoining table tops
  • Award-winning technology combined with high-quality bases
  • Ideal for establishments needing to provide wobble free-tables without hassle
  • Click here to see the full range of EQ Table Bases

Click to see our range of Specialized Table Bases

FLAT® Specialized Table Bases

  • Our Specialized Table Bases provide multi-concept customers with complimentary designs
  • 5 wall-mounted, cantilever table assemblies provide stable foundations for booths and ship uniquely flat-packed to reduce packaging and shipping volumes
  • Our bolt-down bases are ideal for locations with fixed-seating setups
  • Add our height-adjustable post to our bolt-down bases for added versatility
  • Sourcing and custom manufacture services available
  • Click here to see the full range of Specialized Table Bases or contact us to speak to our sales team about your table needs

To find out more about our new products ranges, take a look at our suite of product videos, download a brochure or contact us at your convenience.

Contact us and learn how FLAT® can help you create the best table experience for all your guests and visitors.