Better Burgers - Hold the Frustration!

Better Burgers Deserve Better Tables - Get FLAT!
Better Burgers – Hold the Frustration!

In enhancing the customer experience,
food is only the first course.

We all know why restaurants were caught off guard by the "better burger" trend, right? They underestimated the degree to which diners wanted more interesting burgers made with better-sourced and better-tasting ingredients.

But there is another, palm-slap-to-the-forehead obvious reason for all of these better burger restaurants: customers appreciate it when their tastes and sensibilities are thoughtfully considered.

Slowly but surely, and probably not as slowly as you think, the restaurant industry is being transformed by this trend, and it isn't just the food that's improving. Expectations for the entire dining experience, including comfort, décor and ambience, are also being elevated.

This is particularly true for chains, where consistency is paramount. Plus, the higher customers' expectations become, the more restaurants must consider the finer details regarding the comfort and ambience within their establishments. And the lower the tolerance will be for signs that a restaurant isn't putting their customers first.

Which Brings Us to Wobbly Tables...

At the most basic level, your wobbly table is annoying: drinks can spill, extra diligence is required, and what should be a pleasurable eating experience is jarred every time the table tips. But there's also customers' feeling that your restaurant doesn't give two croutons about them or their dining experience.

In these early days of the industry's shift toward a customer-centric focus, putting an end to wobbly tables is challenging the status quo...and thus gaining a market advantage.

Hopefully, in the not too-distant future, the tolerance threshold for wobbly tables will be next to nil – and such tables will be seen for what they really are: a "#$@&%*! you" to customers.

FLAT has the answer to one of dining's most irritating experiences. If you're interested in improving the customer experience in your location, contact us today.

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